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Ons kindcentrum kenmerkt zich ook door:

  • Wij zijn een Vreedzame School. Dit is een programma (voor onderwijs en opvang) waarbinnen leerlingen worden gestimuleerd om zich sociaal te gedragen en wederzijds respect te tonen. Iedereen hoort erbij en iedereen mag er zijn. De Vreedzame School biedt ondersteuning bij ‘het spreken van dezelfde taal’ richting de kinderen en ‘kinderen een stem geven’
  • We offer an educational concept with a wide range of learning plazas per age group (4-5 years, 6-8 years and 9-12 years) where children can follow an integrated curriculum. We believe that learning is much better if, in addition to classroom education, you can get enough physical space. We see these learning plazas as a wonderful opportunity for cooperation and contact between pupils from mainstream education (who use the learning plazas anyway) and those from special primary education (who use the learning plazas when it feels good and when it is possible).
  • We are a healthy school. We teach the children what the difference is between a healthy and less healthy lifestyle. During celebrations we promote healthy treats, and at lunch we pay attention to what constitutes healthy food. We also communicate with the parents about this.
  • We philosophize with the children. Philosophy encourages children to reflect on things. It appeals to different skills and helps further develop their problem-solving capacity. When they talk to each other, children come up with many different ideas. Philosophizing does not necessarily mean you are right. Sometimes there are several answers. We organize group discussions with small groups of children on certain themes. See the example.

Humanistisch Kindcentrum Amsterdam is een samenwerking tussen Stichting Kolom en Partou kinderopvang
Humanistic Child Centre Amsterdam is a collaboration between Stichting Kolom and Partou kinderopvang (daycare).